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20 Davis Street, Dryden, ON P8N 1R4
Phone: (807) 223-4418 Fax: (807) 223-5346

Tanis Mitani-Oberg, Principal

Teri Jackson, Vice-Principal

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Kindergarten in the news!

01 Feb. 2017

Our Kindergarten Open House got some attention from Q104! Click here to read the full article!

Tags: Open roads school, kindergarten, kindergarten open house

Fine Arts Program in the news!

28 Jan. 2017

Our Fine Arts Program was showcased in an article written by Q104! Click here to read the full article!

Tags: Fine Arts Program, Open Roads School

Literacy Week at Open Roads School

27 Jan. 2017

We had a blast celebrating Literacy Week here at Open Roads School! Click here to read the article from Q104!

Tags: Literacy Week, Open Roads School, reading

Fine Arts Cash Calendar winners!

27 Jan. 2017

Open Roads School Grade 8 Fine Arts students held a very successful fundraiser as they continue to raise money for their upcoming Toronto Trip in June! Click here to read the full article and find out the winners!

Tags: Fine Arts program, Open Roads School, Cash calendar

Explore heads out dog sledding!

25 Jan. 2017

Explore students headed out for their annual overnight dog sled trip with guide Burton Penner! Click here to read the full article!

Tags: open roads school, explore program, dog sledding